Beady Eyed Jew Howard Cook Jr, 73, Oppressing A Poor Verizon Worker By Locking The Worker Inside An Unventilated Underground Utility Vault Because The Worker Parked On His Grass

Q. 925. HOW many such sins are there?
A. Four.
Q. 930. What is the third?
A. Oppressing of the poor, which is a cruel, tyrannical, and unjust dealing with inferiors.
Q. 931. What other proof have you of that?
A. Out of Exod. xxii. 21. “Ye shall not hurt the widow and the fatherless: If you do hurt them, they will cry unto me, and I will hear them cry, and my fury shall take indignation, and I will strike thee with the sword.” And out of Isa. x. 1, 2. “Wo to them that make unjust laws, that they might oppress the poor in judgment, and do violence to the cause of the humble of my people.”

A Massachusetts man accused of locking a Verizon worker inside an unventilated underground utility vault because the worker parked on his grass has pleaded guilty to kidnapping. Westborough resident Howard Cook Jr, 73, who has a history of aggressive outbursts, entered the plea Tuesday in Worcester Superior Court.  Cops say the retired utility official locked Michael Hathaway in the vault on August 5, 2013, by pulling out the extension ladder, locking the hatch and placing large rocks on top - and didn't care if he suffocated.  Daily Mail Read More>>>>>



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