Trump Picks GEORGE SOROS Man & Goldman Sachs Jew Steven Terner Mnuchin As Secretary of the Treasury!

CUPIDITY: eager or excessive desire, especially to possess something; greed; avarice.
Following up the  very first post on TRUMP's vice: CUPIDITY  and how it will ruin his presidency and the nation:
What do we know about  the new Secretary of the Treasury?

He's a Jew

Mnuchin worked for Goldman Sachs for 17 years

Mnuchin' relationship with SOROS:
In 2004, he founded a hedge fund, Dune Capital Management, named for a spot near his house in the Hamptons, with support of business magnate George Soros. After its founding, Mnuchin served as the CEO of his company. The firm invested in at least two Donald Trump projects and, in one of them, was sued by Trump before a settlement was reached. 
In 2005, Mnuchin was the CEO of a branch of the hedge fund Soros Fund Management, which was founded by Soros. 
In 2009, in partnership with George Soros, hedge fund manager John Paulson and others, Mnuchin bought the failed housing lender IndyMac for $1.6 billion. The bank, purchased out of bankruptcy from the FDIC, was renamed OneWest, with Mnuchin as chair. - wiki
Net Worth: $50+ million

Can anyone spot cupidity?


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