Chipotle's CEO Blames MUSLIM Employee For $1BILLION Loss In Value After Dozens Of People Fell Sick With The Norovirus


Chipotle believes an employee who came into work sick contributed to the $1 billion in value the fast food chain lost over five days. The staffer was working while sick at a Virginia location where dozens of customers reported becoming ill earlier this month with what health officials think was norovirus. Revelations of the outbreak negatively affected the chain's shares for five days and cut $1 billion off Chipotle's market cap. But after the company reported improved sales for the second quarter on Tuesday, CEO Steve Ells said that a company investigation into the illnesses found that its leadership at the store didn't adhere to its protocols. Daily Mail>>>>>>

This is what you get when you hire Muslims & undocumented workers for pennies on the dollar!


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