Glutton Chris Christie Closes Beach To Tax Payers So That He Can Enjoy The Beach All To Himself!

Chris Christie has brushed off criticism after he and his family vacationed on a public beach he'd shut down due to a budget standoff, saying he'd already announced his vacation and the press had merely 'caught a politician keeping his word.' The brazen New Jersey governor was spotted by NJ Advance Media sunning himself on a huge stretch of empty shoreline on Island Beach State Park, along with wife Mary Pat and other members of his family on Sunday. Meanwhile, thousands of members of the public were rammed onto beaches a couple of miles up the shore trying their best to enjoy the holiday weekend. Christie, 54, said he'd already announced his intention to vacation at the governor's mansion regardless of whether the state could agree on a budget, so he was just keeping good on that promise. To add insult to injury, he then headed back to Trenton in the state helicopter to hold a news conference about the government shutdown where he told reporters with no irony that he 'didn't get any sun today'. When these pictures - which show Christie sprawled out on a sun chair in shorts and T-shirt - revealed that claim to be an outright lie, his spokesman claimed that the governor takes sun-screen seriously and that he meant that his baseball hat had protected him. Daily Mail>>>>>>


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